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About us

The Japan World Games Association (JWGA) is operated with the Secretariat provided by Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF), which engages in non-profit activities to promote sports. JWGA's annual operational funding primarily comes from membership fees paid by affiliated organizations.

For activities related to the World Games, such as travel expenses for the Japanese delegation and domestic promotional costs during the quadrennial event, JWGA secures grants and sponsorship funds from other institutions and corporations. This financial support is utilized to facilitate Japan's participation in the World Games and to promote awareness of the event in Japan.

Our History

In 1985, the Japan World Games Committee was established by domestic sports organizations associated with World Games-related competitions. Later in December 1991, it was restructured into the Japan World Games Association (JWGA). In 2001, JWGA played a crucial role in the bid for and successful hosting of the 6th World Games in Akita, marking the first time the event was held in Asia.

Since then, JWGA has been dedicated to promoting the World Games in Japan and providing support to relevant organizations, contributing to the growth and awareness of the World Games in the country.

(Certified as an NPO in 2001)

Our Vision

JWGA, in accordance with the principles of the World Games, collaborates with relevant organizations such as IWGA and domestic sports associations in Japan. The goal is to promote and enhance the popularity and competitiveness of various sports, including World Games events, in Japan. Through these activities, JWGA aims to expand the community of sports enthusiasts, contribute to the improvement of public health, and make a positive impact on global peace.

Our Activities

■ Domestic Promotion of the World Games:

Promotion (Creation of Promotional Tools, Implementation of Outreach Events):

Development of promotional materials and tools. Execution of outreach events to enhance awareness and engagement.

Media Relations (Handling Domestic Media Inquiries, Press Release Distribution):

  • Addressing inquiries from domestic media.
  • Distributing press releases to disseminate information.

Securing Financial Resources for World Games Participation:

  • Obtaining financial support through grants and sponsorships to facilitate participation in the World Games.

Coordination with Relevant Agencies for World Games Participation (Country, Major Sports Promotion Organizations, Embassies, etc.):

  • Coordinating with national entities, major sports promotion organizations, embassies, and other relevant institutions to facilitate World Games participation.

Organizing Farewell Events for World Games Participation:

  • Hosting events to bid farewell to participants heading to the World Games.

Safety Management for World Games Participation (Travel Arrangements, On-site Support during Stay):

  • Managing travel logistics and providing on-site support to ensure the safety of participants during their stay.

Post-World Games Survey (Evaluation and Analysis of Participation):

  • Conducting surveys after the World Games to assess and analyze the participants experiences and the overall impact of their involvement in the event.

■ Collaboration and Cooperation with IWGA and IFs:

Promotion and Development Activities within Japan:

  • Establishing partnerships and collaborations for promoting the World Games within Japan.

Collaboration for World Games Participation:

  • Collaborating with relevant international organizations for a successful and smooth participation in the World Games.
Our Members (As of March 2024)

We are comprised of 29 full members, 15 associate members, and 4 supporting members, total 48 sports organization members.

Regular Members:

National Federations (NF) affiliated with International Federations (IF) approved by the International World Games Association (IWGA).

Associate Members:

National Federations (NF) that are not part of the Regular Members category.

Supporting Members:

Sports organizations that are neither Regular Members nor Associate Members.

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