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The Japan World Games Commission established in 1985 by domestic world games related sports associations, etc. This was then reorganized into the Japan World Games Association (JWGA) in December 1991, and the invitation for the 6th World Games in Akita 2001 was successful. The association received non-profit organization (NPO) corporate status in June 2001 and continues to promote the World Games sports in Japan.

  • JAPAN World Games Association Full Member (26 members),
  • JAPAN World Games Association Associate Member (13 members)
  • Supporting Member (4 members)
1. Purposes

JWGA works towards popularizing the various sports including the World Games sports for increasing the number of sports enthusiasts in accordance with the World Games philosophy in Japan such as training athletes, improving their skills as well as advancing the good health and contributing to the world peace through sports.

2. Activities
  • Support the International World Games Association (IWGA) andSportAccord projects
  • Education and popularization of the World Games
  • Organize the World Games related event
  • Promotion of international exchange projects of sports
  • Investigative research on international sports issues
3. Activity Planning

"Popularization and Education of the World Games through Collection and Provision of Related Information"

  • Creation of content aimed at popularization and education of the World Games
  • Collection and provision of information related to the World Games
  • Domestic publicity activities related to the World Games
  • Popularization and education of doping prevention activities

"Exchange with the International World Games Association and other International Organizations"

The association aims to maintain close communication with the International World Games Association (IWGA) and carry out exchanges with sports groups in various countries and international sports organizations.

  • Exchange with the IWGA, sports groups in various countries and international sports organizations
  • Communication and coordination with international sports organizations
  • Participation in the Sport Accord/Attendance of the IWGA General Meeting
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